Nokia X Display

Nokia X – The Android Phone we were all expecting?

An unexpected appearance from a company closely linked to the Microsoft Windows Phone platform, Nokia X series phones with Android was launched and  is proposed as a superior alternative to the Asha phone range, rated for exterior design but criticized for limited software functionality.

Nokia X Smartphone




Presented by the actual Stephen Elop, the former Microsoft CEO who is now in charge of Nokia, the Nokia X proposes a recipe with Android without the Google ingredient. So instead of Google Android, we get the Nokia X software platform, a hybrid operating system which includes an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Core, developed under the Android Open Source project.  usual collection of Google applications and services has been replaced by Nokia approved alternative, and the Android interface was substituted by a colored tiles one. This mean we will not find Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Google now and other Google applications installed. Also access to the Play Store shop is not possible. We will instead be able to access Nokia Store, with access to a selection of games and applications for Android widespread. Off the record, people can install Android apps from external sources, using a process known as Android sideloading.

Construction, design and ergonomics

Aimed for the entry-level smartphone market, the Nokia X does not deliver great pretensions regarding design or hardware performance. The phone is presented in a solid casing, made of plastic, however trivial, without high expectations in regard to its finishing. Despite its rugged shape, the first impression is that of a neat product, reminiscent of the Nokia Asha series.



Under the mineral glass shield, we see a 4 inch IPS screen, bright with a surprisingly good image quality. Like Nokia Asha phones, we find a single button below the screen, used for the Back function, which may cause some inconvenience if we choose to use other Android apps installed outside the Nokia Store.

On the down side we observe the micro USB connector, and on the upper side, the headset one. In the left side, as usual we find the Lock button and a flap to adjust the volume.

The shell shaped cap that dresses the side parts of the phone lashes over its body, but can be easily removed by pressing any of the prominent corners. Covering the entire phone, except the screen, the cover made from a single piece of plastic can be easily replaced in case of damage,  or maybe if you want to try on another color.

Under the lid we got a 1500mAh removable battery, two SIM card slots ( yeah, that’s right, its a DUAL SIM smartphone ) and a micro SD card, accessible only after prior battery removal.

Screen, hardware specifications and autonomy 

With a 4″ diagonal and a 480 X 800 pixel resolution, the screen offers more clarity than those supplied with Asha phones, but not particularly impressive if we compare to other entry-level Android smartphones. But the brightness and contrast are satisfactory, and the different colored tiles interface played on a black background looks almost as good regardless of the angle from which we look at the screen.

Nokia X Display

Nokia X Display

Considering the budget which was allocated, the S4 Snapdragon chipset hardware platform (1GHz dual core CPU ) seems an excusable choice, especially since we are dealing with a strongly modified version of Android, optimized for efficiency. Its RAM memory consists of 512MB. Out of the remaining 4GB of internal memory we get about 1GB free space for installing applications and another 1GB for using as storage space. Fortunately the microSD slot allows you to add up to 32GB more space for hosting music collections and pictures.
From the short facilities list, the front camera and the NFC module are missing. Otherwise, the phone supports 3G and WiFi N for internet access, Bluetooth module, A-GPS receiver and a camera without great expectations.

Nokia X – Technical Details

  • Display: 4.0 “IPS LCD, 480 x 800 pixel capacitive
  • OS: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean + interface Nokia X platform 1.0
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play (MSM8225)
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-A5 dual-core 1 GHz
  • Graphics Processor: Adreno 203
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Memory: 4 GB (1.07 GB available for applications 1.07 GB for user)
  • Card: microSD, up to 32 GB
  • Data: HSDPA 7.2Mbps
  • WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n
  • Bluetooth: 3.0
  • USB: microUSB 2.0
  • Camera: 3.15 MP fixed focus
  • Shooting video: 480p
  • Front camera: no
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • Size: 115.5 x 63 x 10.4 mm
  • Weight: 129 g
  • Other: Wi-Fi Hotspot, Dual SIM, A-GPS
Nokia X Battery

Nokia X Battery

Unfortunately the Nokia X does not include the power -save function , so the battery depends solely on good management practices, so the  user must manually adjust screen brightness and disable the data connection when you want to conserve battery. Otherwise , the phone will only display a warning when the battery reserve drops below 15%, but without doing anything to maximize the remaining capacity . More serious is that the reserve battery is displayed correctly every time, sometimes displaying your slow discharge to about 40 % capacity , after which drops steeply to the remaining reserves off the phone .

Used for telephone calls, Nokia X showed good GSM signal stability  . The microphone quality is reasonable and poses no problems to use in areas with much noise. Although powerful, the wireless kit is not really of the best quality, the voice sounding slightly muffled in conversation with your partner .

As dual SIM functionality , the Nokia X allows us to choose the card that we want to call and informs  from which network a call is received . Unfortunately like many cheap dual SIM phones , Nokia X can’t take multiple phone calls simultaneously if they come from different networks . So if someone tries to contact us while we are already talking on the phone , the call will not be taken over the phone appearing as unavailable in the other network.

The external speaker is very loud and clear , that we can take calls smoothly when on  speaker mode . If you are interested in using Nokia HERE maps check here.


Solid built, with a good screen quality and interesting software package, Nokia X can be easily confused with smartphones in the upper range of prices. Fastlane interface, intuitive and easy to learn, turns to be perfect for beginners, the applications included are also generous, given the asking price.
Unfortunately Nokia X is disadvantaged by the mediocre performance camera and a battery that hardly copes with an intensive regimen.


Motorola Launched Moto E – An affordable Android smartphone

The Moto X and G phones from Motorola enjoyed the attention and appreciation of the public so much, that the news regarding the famous company preparing a smaller and more accessible phone was simply exciting . After many rumors and unofficial information , Motorola Moto E was officially announced today and promises to be an interesting model with a very attractive price.

Since Motorola Moto E was the source of many rumors, its specifications are already known in most part. The phone offers a 4.3 ” screen and 960 x 540 pixels resolution , which is covered with a Gorilla Glass 3 protective coating .

The hardware platform chosen by Motorola is a family 200 dual-core chip from Qualcomm Snapdragon, operating at 1.2 GHz frequency . The company did not disclose the model used , but 200 Snapdragon family is quite small , and the description matches that of the MSM8210 , which offers Cortex -A7 dual-core ARM and an Adreno 302 graphics core .




Equipment list includes 1 GB of RAM, an internal memory capacity of 4 GB which can be expanded with a MicroSD card , a 5 M Pprimary camera sensor and a battery with a capacity of 1980 mAh . In addition to traditional facilities such as GPS , Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi – Fi 802.11 b / g / n , the terminal will offer Dual SIM option .


Unfortunately, the rumors stating that Moto E’s will be much thinner than the current Moto G were not true. Terminal housing has dimensions of 124.8 x 64.8 x 12.3 mm and weighing about 140 grams , this will be available in three color versions : black , yellow and turquoise .




Motorola’s Moto E smartphone is designed to impress, but it is extremely interesting for those looking for a solution as cheap as it gets without cutting down on modern tech . It will arrive in dealer stores from today in the UK, Spain , Canada , Mexico , India and Brazil , the price including tax in the UK is £ 89 , which makes it more affordable than the Moto G.


Experience the Sony Xperia E1 Walkman Button

The Sony Xperia E1 is a brand new mobile phone from the Sony Company. it has a new design aesthetic , one that defines the Xperia line, it has a sporty outfit and a rugged look. This phone incorporates the Walkman and it gets the nod for the company -level lineup. It has an additional bigger screen size and smartly improved features to offer users with the best preferences.

sony xperia-e1

sony xperia-e1

If you belong to the high-tech class of tech-savy individuals, its time to try the best phone that will always make you feel elevate while promising to offer you all that you needed in the modernized world of faster changing technology. Sony Xperia E1 comes with a button at the top whose sore function is to launch the walkman app; this function is great as you can still enjoy it even when off screen. You can always play and share music on line and locally and at the same time listen to your favorite songs. It offers you top quality clear music as the phone’s speaker is highly developed with 100b that incorporates Sodcasting, Xloud, and clear bass.

The Sony Xperia E1 overview shows that its operating system marks top of the best quality smart phones with a nicely enabled OS. The Operating system incorporates the android 4.3 and this makes it a highly preferred phone in the market. Its OS is easier to use and it supports the phone perfectly avoiding occasional instances of hanging. It also has a java and browser support. This makes it one of the high-tech phones in the market as the software enables features to run the phone faster and make it an easier to use phone while browsing or watching online videos.



This phone is much more fun to use, Sony Xperia E1 overviews indicates that it offers more than comfort to users. This is because of its long serving battery that can run non stop for longer hours and guarantee users better use of the phone to accomplish their tasks. The battery is a 1700Ma removable type. Its reviews indicate that the battery can serve a user for a full day when they are constantly using the phone. When you want to buy a highly designed phone, go for the Sony Xperia E1, you will discover that this is a phone designed to offer users more than just communicating and chatting via text messages. It is always a great experience with Sony Xperia.


Documents 5 app by Readdle

The Documents app by Readdle is a file management tool that allows you to maintain a record and keep track of all your documents in one place. It allows you to not only copy frequently used files but also sync them with dropbox as well as keep the files in sync with iCloud.

Recently, readdle announced the release of version 5 of the application, popularly known as the Documents 5. This latest version comes with several new features previously unavailable to previous models. Among the features are the new iOS 7 design that offers the much needed design refresh among its enthusiasts. It also includes the windows shares support that allows you to connect and sync files and folders in your PC continuously and sync them back and forth between iOS devices and your PC.





The Document 5 also allows for background downloads, a feature that enables you to download files on the background while working on something else simultaneously. It also comes with a completely redesigned file manager among several other features.

The most notable feature on Documents 5 that is currently available only on the iPad is the add-ons feature that revolutionizes integration with several other applications from readdle. This essentially means that you can now edit your pdf files with the pdf Expert 5, convert your files to pdf with the pdf Converter, and scan your documents using the Scanner Pro app as well as print documents with the Printer Pro app. However, this can only be possible if all of these apps are already installed into your device.

In addition to that, the upgraded file manager in Documents 5 comes with the drag and drop functionality that gives you the flexibility to move files from one place to another easily and freely too. It also gives you quick access to your frequently used files and folders. The in-built media player is not only aesthetically appealing but also very easy to navigate through your media files.




Generally, Readdle has attempted to correct some of the errors that Apple has not been able to correct in the design of the iOS. The inter-app connectivity is one such error. Documents 5 now eliminates the issue of redundancy that is synonymous to iOS when moving files between apps leaving you with a trail of duplicates to clean up.

If you are looking for a file manager that integrates and syncs several services including iCloud, Office, Dropbox and so on, I suggest you try out Documents 5!