Virtual Reality Keyboard Might Be Closer Than We Expect

Virtual Reality (VR) is getting more and more popular with every passing day.

Although anything seems possible in VR, things are not that simple.

One example is using real objects while wearing a VR headset.

Imagine you are in a Virtual Reality session and you want to use your keyboard. It’s not that simple, is it?

The main obstacle is that you can’t really see and feel the object. In this case your keyboard.

A simple VR representation of a keyboard is not enough.

Think how hard it would be to hit those keys positioned in thin air.

This is where Logitech comes to play.

The company promises to solve this problem.

Their solution is to perfectly align the VR keyboard with the real one on your desk.

Logitech’s solution is compatible with HTC Vive and has three essential components:

  • a physical keyboard
  • a sensor that tracks and locates the real keyboard, then displays it in VR
  • a VR SDK development library kit fir developers to play with it

Here is a video presentation from Logitech.

The VR keyboard is still in experimental stage.

Developers still have to position the hands perfectly aligned with reality.

This includes detecting finger movements. A task not that easy as it seems.

How Logitech have manage to come to such a solution is still not clear.

We can only presume they had help from HTC Vive, which already had implemented similar sensors.

At the moment, the VR keyboard is still in a concept stage.

The gadget will be officially presented on November 16th.

It’s primary target is VR gamers and apps enthusiasts.

Logitech will only ship out 50 such kits to developers.

If they will decide to integrate the technology with their own gadgets, Logitech will probably start to mass produce the solution.

Time will tell.

Personally, I would love to surf the web from my bed without worrying about my keyboard.


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