Xiaomi Mi Pad Front

Xiaomi Mi Pad – The new kid on the block

Finally, more news about the Xiaomi Mi Pad has been released. All 7.9 inches of it! With impressive specs and Corning Gorilla glass, this device is fast and fortified. It comes with a solid camera with an exciting f/2.0 aperture (All you photography enthusiasts know why this is exciting). Equipped with retina display as well, this tab looks like it is all set to compete with the industry forerunner in tablets, Apple. But should the iPad mini be afraid of this new kid on the block? Only time and the public reviews will tell.

xiaomi mi pad

xiaomi mi pad

The tablet has a Google Android 4.4 KitKat with Xiaomi’s MIUI user interface. But something that trumps having the latest version of Android in the market is the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor that it comes with. This processor is enough to lure those with a serious inclination to playing heavy duty games on their tabs. With storage that comes in 16 and 64 GB and is expandable up to 128GB, most people are impressed. On Xiaomi Mi Pad, thoughts are pretty much leaning towards being largely positive, especially since the company has a reputation of offering some of the best quality hardware at pretty low prices. Their newest offering is thankfully no exception.

If you are someone who isn’t really into gaming, Xiaomi gives you other reasons to purchase their Mi Pad. Most people use their tabs for entertainment, including surfing the web, watching videos, reading books and storing photographs. As you already know, the camera is pretty good with its 8 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera and the screen is retina display. But the scope for good entertainment doesn’t stop there. The Mi Pad also offers stereo speakers for great sound quality and a long lasting battery life. Thus for the Xiaomi Mi Pad, thoughts of even a regular user lean towards being positive.


Xiaomi Mi Pad Front

Xiaomi Mi Pad Front

The Mi Pad will be available in a number of colours to suit your taste and style. When people are asked about the Xiaomi Mi Pad, thoughts range from how it is an Android device that looks like something from Apple, to excitement about being able to buy a good looking, hard working, fast processing device without paying through the nose. Each one is entitled to their opinion of a new product, but the Xiaomi Mi Pad is one new product on the block that doesn’t look like it can be ignored.


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