Cross Platform Apps

Run iOS Apps on Android Thanks to Project Cider

Although the idea behing this project is not entirely new, Project Cider is the first system that will let you run iOS apps on Android.
Over the years, the concept of cross platform applications was not as popular as it is now. For a long time, a Windows application would never run on Mac, or vice versa. This preconception was abolished on a large scale for the first time once Microsoft Office suite for Mac emerged.
Since there are still some applications that are available only for iOS, many have expressed their desire for a method to port some applications from Apple’s mobile platform on Android as well. For the first time, there is a solution to this problem, called Project Cider.

Cross Platform Apps

Cross Platform Apps

The magic of this project is to improve a system for writing native code for iOS which can be also run on Android. Shown in detail in the video below, Project Cider was conducted by a team of researchers at Columbia University. They were proud about the development of a “compatible operating system architecture” which is not based on a virtual machine to carry out the running applications created for the iPhone or iPad. In addition, it is not necessary to change any line of code in the original application and 3D acceleration works great, according to them.
Basically, Cider tricks iOS applications to work on Android’s Linux kernel exactly as it would work on Apple’ XNU kernel.
Before results of such a collective effort will be made public, legal issues related to  transfering applications from an iDevice onto Android must be taken care of. Finally, I am afraid these things might be the most complicated.



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