Documents 5 app by Readdle

The Documents app by Readdle is a file management tool that allows you to maintain a record and keep track of all your documents in one place. It allows you to not only copy frequently used files but also sync them with dropbox as well as keep the files in sync with iCloud.

Recently, readdle announced the release of version 5 of the application, popularly known as the Documents 5. This latest version comes with several new features previously unavailable to previous models. Among the features are the new iOS 7 design that offers the much needed design refresh among its enthusiasts. It also includes the windows shares support that allows you to connect and sync files and folders in your PC continuously and sync them back and forth between iOS devices and your PC.





The Document 5 also allows for background downloads, a feature that enables you to download files on the background while working on something else simultaneously. It also comes with a completely redesigned file manager among several other features.

The most notable feature on Documents 5 that is currently available only on the iPad is the add-ons feature that revolutionizes integration with several other applications from readdle. This essentially means that you can now edit your pdf files with the pdf Expert 5, convert your files to pdf with the pdf Converter, and scan your documents using the Scanner Pro app as well as print documents with the Printer Pro app. However, this can only be possible if all of these apps are already installed into your device.

In addition to that, the upgraded file manager in Documents 5 comes with the drag and drop functionality that gives you the flexibility to move files from one place to another easily and freely too. It also gives you quick access to your frequently used files and folders. The in-built media player is not only aesthetically appealing but also very easy to navigate through your media files.




Generally, Readdle has attempted to correct some of the errors that Apple has not been able to correct in the design of the iOS. The inter-app connectivity is one such error. Documents 5 now eliminates the issue of redundancy that is synonymous to iOS when moving files between apps leaving you with a trail of duplicates to clean up.

If you are looking for a file manager that integrates and syncs several services including iCloud, Office, Dropbox and so on, I suggest you try out Documents 5!


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