Cheapest Smartphone in 2014 worth $20

Despite the fact that smartphones have become extremely popular and prices have dropped a lot, they still can not compete on price with cheap simple phones. Bought in China, an Android smartphone can cost $ 50, providing basic facilities and construction at best acceptable. Mozilla hopes to provide a Firefox OS smartphone with a price of $ 25 in developing countries. ARM company, dealing with architecture chipsets used smartphones, announced that it expects to see it in a few months on the market with Android, terminal being prices around $ 20. It seems that this is the minimum price that can be reached with today’s technology. In fact, we are talking about a combination of newer and older parts, as we shall see below.




The $ 20 smartphone will be powered by a Cortex A5 chipset processor with a single core. It should be faster than the processor used by Apple in the first iPhone in 2007. At the current level, its performance should be acceptable at best. No other details were given on this terminal, but he could have a very modest screen with 320×480 pixels resolution  and 512 MB ​​RAM or less. As for connectivity, you should not miss WiFi and Bluetooth modules, but the chipset will not support 3G speeds, and of course 4G is out of the question as well. Users will be satisfied with EDGE connectivity though.





All these could represent some problems for us, who are testing  next generation smartphones. For those of developing countries, especially in Africa, an Android smartphone with a price of $ 20 would give new opportunities to connect.


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