24 carat gold casing for the HTC One M8

Top of the range HTC One M8 was launched with three different color options for its casing. The One M8 version can be purchased in white, gray or gold. The latter has, however, a higher value than the other two. That does not mean people are not interested in a HTC One M8 with gold case. British company Goldgenie manufactured the product ​​using a 24 carat gold phone case. As expected, the price of the jewelry is several times larger than the standard model. For high demanding clients their options are red gold or platinum coating.


htc one m8 gold case

htc one m8 gold case


Those who want an 24 carat gold HTC One M8 casing  from Goldgenie have to shell out about € 2.300. Red gold version costs € 2.400, and the platinum € 2.550 . The good part, if one can call it that, is that this cost includes the top smartphone from HTC. Those who want to have their own gold-plated phone must shell out € 1.200. In other news, HTC is preparing to launch a new version of the smartphone, this time with a pink casing. I do not think we should mention whom the terminal is addressed to .



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