Samsung Galaxy Tab S may benefit from an AMOLED screen

Samsung could launch a new high resolution screen table, only this time it will be powered by AMOLED technology, making our display experience better.

According to rumors still oficially unconfirmed, Samsung will launch a new series of high-end tablets bearing the Galaxy Tab S name. It will use a new octa-core cpu powered by a series 5 Exynos chipset. Seems they will borrow the fingerprint reader already used by Galaxy S5 phones.
But the key element is represented by its 2560×1600 pixels AMOLED screen, a higher resolution solution compared to the current generation of tables. Preliminary list of specifications mentioned 3GB RAM, an 8MP installed camera in the rear and the presence of an ifrared transmiter.

Active Matrix OLED displays are currently the most popular category on the market and are widely used especially in mobile phones. This is the basic version for most screens of this type and is characterized by intense colors and very good contrast. As discussed by many, the ability to correctly display black is superior to LCD screens. Among the disadvantages of AMOLED technology, the most important is legibility in low light conditions, when an LCD screen will be more readable than an AMOLED screen in sunlight, for example.
The new generation of tablets will be presented in versions of 8.4 and 10.5 inches screens, both having integrated the known fingerprint reader in the Home key and a software package similar to the one Galaxy S5 phone series are supplied with.
With a similar exterior design with galaxy Tab 4, the new Tab S tabled would be offered in black and white variants, both running Android 4.4.2 KitKat versions.

Unfortunately the release date, as well as purchase prices for the new Galaxy Tab S are not know at this time, but taking an educated guess, we could see them for even a few bucks cheaper than the current ones on the market at this time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S


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