Presenting iStick – The iPhone and iPad Lightning USB flash drive

Most people would agree that iPhones and iPads are truly incredibly handy electronic devices. They are amazing devices capable of performing tasks that are quite impossible to achieve with other mobile phones. This iDevices boast of great looks, fast speeds and advanced Apple technology. Nevertheless, they have large memory capacities of up to 32 GB. Such remarkable features render file transfer easier than before. There comes a time when you wish for more space due to videos, apps and photos you accumulate over time. This calls for a perfect device to expand your iDevice storage and quickly migrate all that data over. However, there is great news for iPhone and iPad users; a lightning connector USB flash drive known as iStick.



Introducing the iStick flash drive

iStick is one amazing device from Hyper that is expected to benefit many iPhone and iPad users. Functioning as a flash drive, the device incorporates a compact and lightweight design. It measures 51.6 x 28.6 x 9.1mm and weighs at only 10 g. It comes in various memory capacity that include 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and a mind blowing 128GB. It is comes in an ABS plastic and aluminum finish, or all aluminum. The drive incorporates a standard USB connector and an Apple MFi-certified Lightning at either end, with a flipping switch between them.



Performance & use

With the use of this file transfer device you can quickly transfer large file in various formats between your iDevices. Normally, iPhones and iPads have their own file format. So a file won’t run in case they do not recognize the format. This is always as a result of the mismatch of formats. However, this iphone USB flash drive provides you with a perfect solution to the problem. It can transfer various types of files to the iPhone and iPad compatible file type and then transfer the files to the iDevice so that the files are ready to use.

An included app that makes the whole process too easy. It highly supports the copy and paste functions, which makes it easier to handle by a new user. The large memory capacity enables you to save all your files. This may be in form of documents, videos, photos, and music. You can also play and view them at any time right from your iStick device. It enables 1080p HD movie streaming and direct playback. The iStick flash drive is well compatible with most iDevices including iPhone 5/5s/5c, 4th Generation iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and 5th Generation iPod touch. It performs exceptionally well as file transfer is done speedily.

Transferring files from your Mac or Window PC to iPad or iPhone device (and vice versa) usually proves difficult. This is due to the fact that the process involves emailing, or using other apps that may present a challenge especially for the new use. iStick offers a relief to this as it can be connected right into your PC to transfer files. Nevertheless, the process does not require any network set up to accomplish. This means that your data is sent through 3rd party servers, which protects it from hackers.

File transfer Speed

The file transfer speed featured by iStick is quite remarkable, especially when compared to other file transfer devices. The speed would normally vary depending on the type of transfer. For iStick-to-USB the speed is 12MB/s (Read) and 7.5MB/s (Write). On the other hand iStick-to-iDevice transfer speed is 2.5MB/s (Read), 1.9MB/s (Write).


The price of iStick is varies among the various available models. They sell for $129 (8GB), $169 (16GB), $199 (32GB) and $299 (64GB). Hyper has an Early Bird Special offer of 50% discount for those who will place an early order following its launch in August. Some may say this price is too much for a file transfer device but its exceptional performance and speed are really worth the price tag.




About the company who develops iStick

HYPER by Sanho Corporation is a top manufacturer of storage products since 2002. It started producing iDevice accessories in 2009 and has been actively supplying them to date. Before the iStick technology project, the company had undertaken another technological project known as CloudFTP that was very successful. Products manufactured by Hyper are of high quality, which has made it popular especially in the mobile industry.


iStick USB drive is certainly a remarkable device worth considering by any iPhone or iPad user. It gives you speed, versatility as well as enhanced security, which sets it apart from the conventional file transfer methods.


Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting Might Be The New Way To Track Users Online

Used since the advent of the internet, simple cookies placed on user’s pcs to record their internet browsing habits are now obsolete. Instead, more and more websites have switched to device fingerprinting on people who visit their services, a method which is very difficult to avoid and not very direct either.

Browser Cookies Era

Placed on your hard drive every time you visit a new website, cookies used to observe user preferences of web browsing are very easily removed or periodically deleted by third party applications. One can also activate the Do Not Track option in their browser settings to avoid the issue. As for mobile phones, they do not even use cookies at all, so big advertising companies are forced to seek alternative means.

Modern Online User Tracking Techniques

The new method, called device fingerprinting, involves recording several unique features of each computer, such as the list of plugins used by web browsers and other software installed, the time zone used, fonts, screen resolution and hardware installed. Taken together, all these contribute to the composition of a digital signature comparable to a fingerprint, allowing precise identification of users. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, 94% of web browsers are using Flash or Java plugins, opening options for precises determination of the identity of devices.

New user device fingerprinting method is even more efficient than using simple cookies as the virtual signature remains easily identifiable even after the browsing history is deleted from the web browser, which removes any files left behind after websites have been visited. Moreover, changes to the configuration, for example by uninstalling or adding new applications will just help to increase the accuracy with which your profile can be found online.

Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting

While some internet users perceive it as a privacy violation, device fingerprinting methods based on hardware signature ( or hardware id ) will bring great profits to advertisers willing to use it. They are charging rates between $1,000 and $50,000 promising instead to identify users with the precision of up to 98%. So far, the methods used are still are still perceived with a grain of salt by clients, concerned that these practices could damage the image of the company they run. As for us, the users, the only sure way to protect ourselves from getting monitored online is not to come online, as there still isn’t a web browser capable of circumvent new monitoring techniques.

How To Block Online Tracking Applications

Considering all the conspiracy theories going on after NSA revelations, such solutions will probably won’t start to emerge before at least six to 8 years will pass, at least. At the current moment, the only solutions out there to prevent companies from crawling our data are a little far fetching. It would involve installing and using Virtual Machines to browser,  or using bare naked browsers like Epic. You could go ahead and not use Flash or Java, but then you would be left out of the possibility to visit almost any website that takes use if it.

Of course, advertising companies will argue that if you don’t have anything to hide, you should not be worried. But I am sure there are alot of people out there who would see that point of view as being hypocritical to say the least. What’s your opinion over online tracking practices that are going on lately and will continue to emerge ? Share your thoughts below.


Chat apps

Top 9 Messaging Apps For Your Smartphone

Mobile chat applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage or Google Hangouts allow you to communicate in real time with friends through text messages, pictures and even video calls.

One of the great advantages of mobile internet is the ability to connect with your friends without having to SMS or call them. This happens through apps available for the iPhone or smartphones using Android or Windows Phone as their operating system, which take use of their data connection to facilitate the exchange of information between two or more people.
In general, these applications are free and traffic data consumed is usually very low, especially in the case of text messages, which is why they are increasing significantly in popularity over the recent years.

WhatsApp – The most popular chat platform

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, primarily due to its ease of use. An account is created almost instantly by simply associating a phone number and then you can go right ahead and chat with friends through text and images, and you can even send them your exact location via Google Maps, if you want them to find you easily. The applications includes some filters to block people who you don’t want to communicate, and in the not too distant future, Facebook promises you’ll be able to even make voice calls.
The application is available for free on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, just in the first year of usage, after that, at least theoretically you have to pay 1 USD / year. In practice, WhatsApp doesn’t require any fee after the first year of use. Although many rumors have emerged related to message security, the application still remains to be very popular.

whatsapp chat

whatsapp chat

Viber – The first successful chat application

Before the advent of WhatsApp, the most popular application of its kind was Viber. Perceived as a kind of Skype, available regardless of the platform a person would be using, Viber has gained popularity because of its ability to quickly send messages and pictures, but also because it allows voice calls over the internet. Incidentally, this latter option led to denial of service by some mobile operators around the world. Viber is currently available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

viber chat app

viber chat app

Facebook Messenger – Rising Star

Facebook Messenger has become increasingly used by users, due to the fact that it allows users to send text messages and pictures, as it is closely linked to one’s Facebook account, the social network where almost everyone has an account. Its advantage is rapid communications with any Facebook friend on your list, but most still prefer to use the chat function which was included in the standard application. Therefore, it will be phased out to increase the popularity of Facebook Messenger, which is also only on Android and iPhone.

Facebook Messenger iOS

Facebook Messenger iOS

Line – The biggest rival for WhatsApp

Currently, the main opponent for WhatsApp is Line, which has been downloaded by over 100 million users with Android phones, which places it the first in many countries in Asia or the Middle East. Functionality closely resembles Viber, since you can send text messages along with pictures, and can also accomplish video calls. In addition, they also offer stickers to personalize your conversations. However, according to some people, the use of this application in Europe and USA is significantly reduced. Line is currently available for various platforms, including Windows Phone, Android and iPhone.



iMessage – Messaging app designed  for iPhone owners

Apple has developed a messaging application exclusively available only for iPhone users. This allows you to send free messages to another iMessage user when you are connected to the internet, the only unified sms differentiation between them being the colors used. The application does not allow video calls, but for this they have FaceTime, another application owned by Apple for iOS devices.

Skype – A communication pioneer

Skype is probably one of the services which has contributed most to popularize online conversations. Although it is perceived primarily as a tool for video calls, Skype supports including text messages and transfer photos and other files between users. The service is free when you communicate via 3G/4G or WiFi to another Skype user, but there are charges if you want to call someone on the phone or a land line abroad. Skype was bought by Microsoft, but now it is available on almost any device, regardless of its platform: Android, Iphone and Windows Phone. It also comes pre-installed on Nokia X.

Tango – a different kind of WhatsApp

Tango is a less known service across the world, but still enjoys many users. In an interface similar to that available on WhatsApp, Tango offers you the complete package of communications: text messages, images, voice and video calls. An account is made quickly based on your phone number, which will immediately show you how many friends from your address book have also installed it. Tango provides in addition, access to many games in which you can compete with your friends in times of boredom. Tango is available on operating systems including Android and iPhone.

Google Hangouts – Useful , but rarely used

Google transformed Hangouts into a standard SMS client for the Android operating system, fact which has generated some controversy. Basically, it is a method by which Google is trying to increase the use of its own messaging client, given that almost everyone uses WhatsApp or an other alternative. Through this service you can send text messages, pictures, and make video calls. Unlike Imessage, Google Hangouts, however, is not limited to its manufacturer universe, as it is also available on iPhone.

BlackBerry Messenger – First to set the mood

I could not end this article without mention of the BlackBerry Messenger. Available for a long time only for BlackBerry smartphones, BBM application was eventually ported for the Android and iPhone in late 2013. But that was too late, because at that time, WhatsApp, Viber and iMessage already conquered the markets. In addition, the lower success rate was helped by the fact that the platform at that time didn’t really innovate, it was just letting you send out text messages, thing that rivals do it easily as well. Currently BBM supports voice and video calls, and has a feature that will let you share screens with your partner. Some users express a desire for the chat app to be ported on Windows Phone also, but I really doubt that will happen in the near future.


Currently there are many applications that you can use to send out messages and talk with your friends without having to resort to classic telephony services offered by your operators. WhatsApp is the most popular, sure, but there are many other applications that are approximately the same, and in some cases even pack a more punch.
However, using one or another applications doesn’t necessarily depend on your preferences or facilities in design and functionality. Basically, you will choose your preferred application depending on what your friends use, and most likely, you will get into a position to have installed several applications of this kind to favor them all.
Personally, I rely most on WhatsApp, because more than half of my contact list is already  using it, but I also have Viber installed, which is the next popular one among my friends. What about you? What are you using to stay in touch with you friends?

Xiaomi Mi Pad Front

Xiaomi Mi Pad – The new kid on the block

Finally, more news about the Xiaomi Mi Pad has been released. All 7.9 inches of it! With impressive specs and Corning Gorilla glass, this device is fast and fortified. It comes with a solid camera with an exciting f/2.0 aperture (All you photography enthusiasts know why this is exciting). Equipped with retina display as well, this tab looks like it is all set to compete with the industry forerunner in tablets, Apple. But should the iPad mini be afraid of this new kid on the block? Only time and the public reviews will tell.

xiaomi mi pad

xiaomi mi pad

The tablet has a Google Android 4.4 KitKat with Xiaomi’s MIUI user interface. But something that trumps having the latest version of Android in the market is the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor that it comes with. This processor is enough to lure those with a serious inclination to playing heavy duty games on their tabs. With storage that comes in 16 and 64 GB and is expandable up to 128GB, most people are impressed. On Xiaomi Mi Pad, thoughts are pretty much leaning towards being largely positive, especially since the company has a reputation of offering some of the best quality hardware at pretty low prices. Their newest offering is thankfully no exception.

If you are someone who isn’t really into gaming, Xiaomi gives you other reasons to purchase their Mi Pad. Most people use their tabs for entertainment, including surfing the web, watching videos, reading books and storing photographs. As you already know, the camera is pretty good with its 8 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera and the screen is retina display. But the scope for good entertainment doesn’t stop there. The Mi Pad also offers stereo speakers for great sound quality and a long lasting battery life. Thus for the Xiaomi Mi Pad, thoughts of even a regular user lean towards being positive.


Xiaomi Mi Pad Front

Xiaomi Mi Pad Front

The Mi Pad will be available in a number of colours to suit your taste and style. When people are asked about the Xiaomi Mi Pad, thoughts range from how it is an Android device that looks like something from Apple, to excitement about being able to buy a good looking, hard working, fast processing device without paying through the nose. Each one is entitled to their opinion of a new product, but the Xiaomi Mi Pad is one new product on the block that doesn’t look like it can be ignored.